A Division of Academy Chair Renting Co. Inc.
A Division of Academy Chair Renting Co. Inc.
Rental Policies

All Prices Subject to Change Without Notice.

All Prices for One Day Rental Only

Customer Shortages Policy:
The Customer is responsible for all shortages and any damage to rental equipment. Please be advised wet or damp linen can mildew.

Delivery and pick up Procedure:
When elevator service is not available, there will be an additional charge for steps. There will be a "waiting time" charge after 15 minutes for the driver waiting for signature. Customers are responsible to count all items prior to signatures. Time stops will be honored unless any unforeseen factors and circumstances beyond our control.

Not Responsible for Typographical Errors

Verbal Orders are Considered Firm Orders

Free Delivery on minimum orders Monday thru Friday during regular working hours
Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Westchester
Suffolk County according to mileage

Cancellation fees:
All reservations are subject to cancellation fees.
If the order is cancelled or significantly altered less then 5 days before the equipment is to be delivered by us or picked up at our warehouse, the cancellation fee is the full contract cost.
If the order is cancelled with more than five-day notice, the cancellation fee is 50% of the contract cost.
Inventory counts may be reduced up to 15% of the dollar amount of the contract without penalty a minimum of three days before the equipment is to be delivered or picked up.

All orders subject to sales tax.


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