A Division of Academy Chair Renting Co. Inc.
A Division of Academy Chair Renting Co. Inc.
     Party Time, Division Of Academy Chair Renting CO., INC., established in the rental business for over 70 Years, is proud of the enviable record it has earned as a pioneer in the industry. Party Time is proud the sensational reputation it has earned over the last 70 years.
     Our efforts are always devoted toward the party-maker, the caterer, the hotel, the In-plant feeding company and industry. Hence our rapid expansion and growth was due to each category learning to depend upon us for something new, something different whenever a special occasion called for a special service.

     Our trademark ® is registered in the U.S. Patent Office and therefore cannot be copied. However, many firms with similar sounding names have sprung up around us and we are flattered, but wish to point out that the original and only PARTY TIME ® is identified with this registered trademark, which is your hallmark of our quality that you can depend on. Our customer, the key to our success for the last 70 years, enjoys superior equipment and superior service, which is their insurance for their successful affairs.
     No job is too small to receive our complete attention. No job is too big.



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